Development, design, construction and integration of specific facilities - adapted to the individual company.

Zolvo designs and designs - in close collaboration with the company - systems that optimally match the company's needs for scale and functionality.
We have many years of experience with both large and small design solutions and assist in finding and inventing innovative solutions for sorting, logistics or packaging systems. A well-designed plant must be efficient, reliable and well-integrated in one place - and with the employees the company has at its disposal.

Green profile

If you, as a company, want a greener profile, we are available.
There can be both economic and ethical gains from thinking about energy consumption, especially in the construction of new plants. If the company wants to invest in better environmental technology design, Zolvo has experience in developing energy-efficient systems.
For example, the integration of sensors can check that the belts only roll when necessary. The environmental policy of the future may end up making much greater demands on companies that use automation.
Zolvo gives you an overview, insight and ideas.

Do you need guidance for your existing plant?

At Zolvo, we do not only build completely new plants. We also optimize and expand existing facilities.
We have broad professional knowledge and insight and find the most optimal, reliable and energy-efficient solutions - also for your needs.