Mobile Robots

There is today a wide range of Mobile Robots, but common to them all is that they are called an AGV which stands for Automated Guided Vehicles. Zolvo represents Oppent in Scandinavia, which has developed and delivered mobile robots to the Healthcare sector for many years. We are responsible for the delivery of mobile robots, setup of server, software and all the different stations they have to drive to and from. Oppent's mobile robots are of the type, AMR which stands for: Autonomes Mobile Robots. It is the most advanced and flexible mobile robot available and is the type that navigates autonomously using a laser scanner, sophisticated software and can detect the surroundings so that it can choose the most efficient route to the target, while safely avoiding obstacles and people.

The mobile robots can move around freely and can handle many different tasks such as. transports trolleys with food to the patients from the Automatic Goods Receipt and up to the rooms, drives sterile equipment to the operating rooms and many other heavy internal transport tasks.