Design and installation of internal logistics solutions

Adapted to the individual company. Securing future operations with efficient systems and greater competition security.

Zolvo designs, assembles, integrates and puts into operation internal logistics solutions - specifically tailored to your company's needs.
Regardless of industry, we ensure that your company is optimized and streamlined with flexible automation and distribution systems that ensure your company great competitiveness.

Zolvo is an expert in the development of robot, sorting and internal transport systems

We have the optimal solution to almost all logistical challenges.
Our experience with different types of goods and products means that we know what it takes to transport and package them efficiently. We ensure that your systems can keep up with future growth and demand - and customer requirements.
Employee safety and workflow are important when investing in new facilities.
Well-integrated internal transport systems and automation relieve your employees ergonomically and ensure lower costs per unit.
If you choose energy-efficient solutions, you can both reduce costs and save the environment.

We take care of your solution

Zolvo is always the top project manager when we develop logistics and automation projects.

We have hired designers, project managers, PLC and software programmers to meet the great demands that exist today, and so that we as a system house can carry out an automation project professionally and ensure that it meets current legal requirements, including CE- requirements. 


At Zolvo, we optimize your current processes or build a completely new plant from scratch and integrate it optimally into the company's work processes and premises.

Warehousing, production and logistics

At Zolvo, we have many years of experience in the design, development, construction and integration of:


  • Robot system

  • Assembly system

  • Packers

  • Picking systems

  • Goods receipt and shipping

  • Sorting facility

  • Logistics centers

  • Luggage carriers 

Do you need guidance for your existing plant?

At Zolvo, we do not only build completely new plants. We also optimize and expand existing facilities.
We have broad professional knowledge and insight and find the most optimal, reliable and energy-efficient solutions - also for your needs.

Optimize - and you will increase earnings going forward

Zolvo intra-logistics designs and installs internal logistics solutions that are adapted to the individual company.
Zolvo ApS secures future operations with efficient systems that create greater competitive security.

Upgrade your internal logistics

Achieve a greater competitive advantage by upgrading your internal logistics. 

An inefficient warehouse operation and a growing company are two poles that cannot be met in the long run. The benefit lies in upgrading its internal logistics solution so that it can meet the demand that the company meets. 

The more you upgrade your internal logistics solutions, the better you will be in terms of competitiveness and earnings in the future. 

"Your competitiveness is strengthened when you know that you can optimize internally and thus ensure faster processes." says Mads Lissau Jensen, partner and technical director of Zolvo ApS. 

Zolvo designs and implements new solutions for internal logistics solutions, whether it is completely new solutions or expansion of an existing plant. 
Zolvo are experts in specially designed systems that ensure that your internal logistics are optimized through automation and efficiency. It strengthens the competitiveness of the external market and the demand, which in today's Denmark and internationally has reached new heights in relation to supply and price. 
“Internal logistics is crucial for companies' competitiveness nowadays. If you can not keep up with the demand for delivery and price, you are doomed. It must be profitable for the company and satisfactory for the customer - it can also be when you as a company invest in solutions that create efficiency and automation. ” it sounds from Mads Lissau Jensen. 

“We are optimizing,digitizes and automates everything within internal logistics and increases your company's competitiveness. ” tells the CEO of Zolvo, Mads Carlsen. 
"We have high professionalism and expertise and ensure a close collaboration that results in the most optimal solution for your company and your market." 

With Zolvo intra-logistics, you are assured that the company's internal logistics get the full potential in play and thus ensure competitiveness when you go to the 'market' and thus can meet consumer demand. 
“We simply increase the effect and minimize errors with our solutions. This alone has a huge effect on customer satisfaction and the company's earnings. ” it sounds from Mads Carlsen, Zolvo ApS. 

Regardless of industry, Zolvo ensures that the company is optimized and streamlined with flexible automation and distribution systems that ensure the company's competitiveness and thus competitiveness. 

"We have the optimal solution to almost all logistical challenges." tells Mads Lissau Jensen. "We ensure that your systems can keep up with future growth and demand and thus customer requirements." 

Well-integrated and considered internal transport systems and automation relieve employees ergonomically and ensure lower costs per unit. 
"If you choose energy-efficient solutions, you can both reduce costs and save the environment." it sounds from the partner in Zolvo, Mads Carlsen. 

Greater competition security secures your future

In a transparent world that does not hold back with information about who, what, why and which, it is crucial for companies that they play ‘open play’ and adapt to the consumer society that customers create. Therefore, it is important for companies to be competitive on both price and delivery. The only way to maintain this competitiveness is to optimize and automate in line with the development of society and constantly maintain the growth of the company. These are the three crucial parameters that ensure the survival of the company in the future.
“Zolvo ensures that you, as a company, can adapt to customer demand and still get the growth you want. It is simply a matter of closing down some manual working methods, which cost time and money, get them automated and thus streamlined. It does not in any way create jobs, but creates new ones and replaces unnecessary time consumption. New positions for the employees will be beneficial and thus ensure the company the growth and competitive parameters that are necessary and required. ” tells Mads Lissau Jensen.

"Intelligent solutions are the future." says Mads Carlsen, CEO of Zolvo.
"We all have to go through an upheaval to adapt to the demand of the future - if you do not step in now, you will lose competitiveness and it will undoubtedly end in certain 'death'."

Zolvo intra-logistics ensures logistics optimization that creates successful and efficient internal logistics.
“Exploiting the potential internally, which the company actually has at its disposal, but has not yet exploited, can be measured in time on their efficiency, once we have ensured a build-up or extension / conversion of their internal logistics. We design, build or assemble all types of internal logistics, whether it is robot systems, assembly plants, packing plants, picking systems, goods receipt and shipping, sorting plants, logistics centers or luggage belts. ” ends Mads Lissau Jensen, Zolvo ApS.