Large fluctuations

Does not require lots of space but lots of knowledge

Zolvo is an expert in internal logistics.
Thermo Fischer Scientific produces and sells some of the world's best laboratory products. Together, they have developed, built and automated the company's new production facilities.


Kangerlussuaq Airport

Construction of a new luggage belt system

The airport's luggage area is barely as large as other international airports and has just over 300m2. This, in itself, is a challenge to regular standard solutions and therefore a new plant had to be designed that could function optimally in the narrowed space.


Aarhus Airport

Zolvo ApS has designed and set up a new luggage carousel at Aarhus Airport.

The departure belt at Aarhus Airport used to consist of 4 luggage belt exits to all flights, but at the request of the airport, a new luggage carousel has been set up where all sorting of luggage takes place and is packed on luggage carts for each flight departure. The new luggage carousel has meant more clarity, easier accessibility for the action staff and that more than 4 departures can now be handled simultaneously.